On Mission to Eradicate Financial Stress!

Sam Desai is your personal power of attorney, authorized to find causes and solutions to various financial stresses.

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Sam Desai


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Behind the Success

3 Step Process

1. Long Term Planning

2. Timely Actions

3. Learn & Earn Opportunities

Signature Product Highlight

AliveMind Courses

Personal Tax Consultancy

Based on the philosophy of give it all away and keep the receipts for tax purposes, we focus on financial literacy and saving species around the world. To learn more contact, Sam Desai, today.

We are doing Personal tax Services on libre tax service.

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Business Tax Consultancy

We are experienced professionals.
We do business tax preparation services.
We also have business development and set up dept.

We help you save time and do your tax preparation in timely and accurate manner. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

Introducing Real Estate

Finding the right home can be a difficult process but no matter what you are looking for as an experienced Cerritos, CA real estate agent I can provide you with the resources you need to make the home buying process simpler, from specific Cerritos, CA neighborhood information, to tools to estimate your mortgage payments, and buyer resources and articles that will help you through the home buying process.

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Make Sam Desai Direct and Managed investments part of your portfolio.

Sam Desai and his exclusive team bring experience in building, investing and growing businesses in focused portfolio’s related to real estate, tax, franchise, and electronics. As a bizbox business coach and mentor, Sam Desai connects you to different possibilities.

Sam Desai

Introducing BIZBOX

BizBox coaching is ideal for small business owners who like the idea of having a business coach. BizBox coaching is a systematic approach to starting a new business or grow your current business.

Business Coaching, Develop Franchise business and Start new business.

Business Opportunity


For both accredited and un-accredit investor, Sam Desai provides various incentives and programs to switch

Current affairs in the financial, political and environmental are an important part of our long term planning strategy, so we became expert in adapting to protect our freedoms. Our real estate and general tax knowledge help us remain safe during global turmoils.



Apply for $5,000.00 line of credit to be used for Exclusive Benefits.

Membership is set up to support members with their changing needs. Use goodwill and line of credit when you need it.

Worried? Just talk it out. We host DAILY webinars to help you grow. Members have access to on demand compliance or general business consulting.

Serving Humanity

We are all living in what I call “Surreal Age”!

Everyday day to day experiences cannot be real, can they?

In this surreal world, Sam Desai offers simple Solutions. Instead of offering a patent ready 7-step process for tax simplification that results in a higher, safer ROI on your income and investments to banks or investment group, Sam Desai brings it to you. A choice not to patent everything, making it available for subject matter experts to bring real-time solutions to our local communities is part of Desai way of thinking. All of you have won awards, have distinctions given, a number of products sold, company philosophy of teamwork experience, we learn from you as much as relying on analytics.

Everywhere businesses are unique and better than the competition, stand apart with me. Sam Desai is neither unique nor better than anyone. Sam Desai is one of you.

– Sam Desai

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    Sam Desai

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